Monthly Archives: October 2012

Living in India means learning to “stretch” everything. No matter how rich we are or how “affordable” things become, we will still “stretch” and clothes are by no means an exception. Turning collars so that they look new, wearing socks with holes and without elastic until one day they crumble and disappear, are just some of the things we do to make the little go a long way.

We were in Khatri Chowk this morning, speaking to Mohammed Salim about his life as a dyeing artist while owner-of-a-pale-blue-shirt walked in. Owner-of-pale-blue-shirt looked pretty eager and excited to see Mr.Salim. Watch what happened next.

" Kutch is like a tortoise, it straddles both land and sea; it is seemingly ageless, well protected on its back; when it ventures out, it does so with much caution, but quickly withdraws into its shell at the first indication of danger; slow of movement, but remarkable in persistence. At the same time, working on its history one might find Kutch also to be like a cardamom: dry and uneven on the outside, but full of surprises within. Inside, its people, like so many little seeds, are held together firmly by a fine filament, and as one gets close to its heart, a mild, gentle aroma rises and fills the air. Getting to know it can be a distinct pleasure." - G.N.Goswami

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