Rann se Banni Hui – Portraits from the region

Legend has it that a great sage Dhoramnath meditated on his head for 12 long years atop the mighty Dhinodar mountain of Kutch. The gods blessed him with an ability to burn and lay waste whatever came in the line of his sight when he opened his eyes after meditation.

Before opening his eyes, he asked his disciple to turn his head in the direction where he would cause the least harm to living beings. His disciple turned Dhoramnath’s head in the north towards the shallow sea and Rann (salt desert).

When the sage opened his eyes, he burned the shallow sea and Rann away, leaving behind fertile land on which rich grasses began to grow. Pastoralists from as far as Baluch and Haleb from Afghanistan came in search of this grassland that they called “banni”, derived from the Kachchhi word Bannai meaning “that which was created” leading to the saying “Rann se Banni hui” (the Banni was created from the Salt desert.

Courtesy : Banni Pashu Uchherak Maldhari Sangathan and Sahjeevan (www.sahjeevan.org).

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