The Story of Noori Wadha

There is a neem tree at the far end of a cluster of houses in the village of Nirona where Mala Kaka sits with wooden instruments at his feet, a cigarette in one hand, and a plate of tea in another. This morning he is watching his son working, (beside him) while he himself is eager to meet us and tell us a story.The story of Noorie Wadha.
(Subtitles included)


This story led to a lot of research and plenty of questions about Noori and the wadha community. Here are some links that we found:

Muse India – Noori Jam Tamachi
The gentleman angler
and wikipedia as well.

So are Noori and Jam Thamachi truely the ancestors of Mala kaka? Why did they come to Kutch and how? What happened to the royal bloodline? Why did they start living in the forest? Why did they start practicing the craft of Lacquer-turned wood? Or is this simply a story of love and humility that has been inspiring people for ages?

Thank you Mala Kaka.
You are indeed a wonderful story-teller.
(Read more about Mala kaka here)


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