Festival of Desert Art and Music


desert art and music-Page001Kachchh is really re-inventing itself. There are nearly 24 different arts including leather work, copper bell making, hand-block printed textiles, hand-loom weaving, silver work and embroidery, whose artisans are now seeking new opportunities of expression – new ways of looking at their craft practices and new means to connect with society. There is a growing appreciation for handmade skills and craftsmanship. People are also getting increasingly curious about the source, the processes and the people behind the products they see.

We have one such idea here at Khamir, a small step towards creating an opportunity of exchange, learning and appreciation. I am inviting you all to an event, a special three days, at Khamir, in KACHCHH. I will let you discover more through the attached brochure.

Art is best appreciated when one understands the context under which it is born and thrives. In this spirit, what I am most excited about is the involvement and participation of the people of BHUJODI (a weaver’s cluster in Kachchh) to host all of you for dinner and musical nights at their village.

It will be great. I promise.

For more information, you can contact :


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