When hands make poetry

In the village of Tera, every day after lunch, you will find a group of men sitting under a people tree at the bus-stand.
They smoke.
They drink tea.
They discuss life and politics and pursuits and disputes.
And meanwhile some of them tie colourful pieces of cloth.

Tera village1
Tera village2They make very fine knots, nearly about a 100 per square inch! Once the tying is done, the cloth is then dyed in colour to make what is known as “Bandhani” – the most popular art from this region. Tying of cloth is done by women everywhere else in kachchh. So there was something captivating about this scene in Tera.

For me and my camera.

Tera village

  1. ekhava said:

    Reblogged this on ekhava and commented:
    It is poetry made with hands. Beautiful cloth. There is something to be said when you make your own stuff, from your own imagination, thought or your emotion

  2. sally1137 said:

    I wonder if that is where the English word “bandana” comes from….

  3. Praveen said:

    I had seen the bandhani cloths and always wanted to see how it is made.Now I get some idea about it.Thanks.
    And Happy New Year 🙂

  4. Sundayink said:

    awesome pictures

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