Ultimate Frisbee as a Weapon of Mass Collaboration

Frisbee85It has now been three months since we started a small team of Ultimate Frisbee at Bhuj in Kachchh, Gujarat with young people from the city between 13 to 19 years. Despite their unshakeable passion for Cricket, they were quickly captured by this game.

We are; Siddharth (a young architect from Mumbai and working in Bhuj for the past 2 years), Satish (an engineer who fled from the madness of IT companies in Mumbai to start a new life here), Matt (American, very attached to Kutch after a year of volunteering in a local NGO in Bhuj and is now back for a few months) and me (Jeremie).

Frisbee88I am not going to hide that one of the reasons for our motivation to make this project happen is the need to MOVE, so we can play a sport and get some physical exercise. However, this experience has gone far beyond the simple ” Sunday Afternoon Sports ” and turned into a true training ground for young people like us.

I don’t think I can make a better definition for you than wikipedia :
Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to an end zone in American football or the in-goal area in rugby. Players may not run with the disc, and must keep a pivot while holding the disc.
Basically it is a mix of rugby (there goes the ball until it exceeds the line of opposing camps) and Basketball: no contact and no right to proceed with the frisbee in hand … Another important detail: there is no referee, it is “self-balance”!


Frisbee54Maybe you begin to understand the title of the article and the obligation to “really” play as a team since a player cannot do anything alone!
Young people with whom we play, as I said earlier, are fans of cricket. For those who do not know the rules of cricket I let you discover them here because this is not really the point of this article, but it is important to have an idea of ​​what it is to understand the “cooperative” nature of this game as compared to Ultimate Cricket that is based so much on individual performances.

Frisbee64During the first sessions, young people had no idea what it was like to play “together.” They spent their time yelling and trying to find someone responsible for errors.

At the first meeting they insisted that they be given a frisbee “to train” during the week.
The transition between the first and the second session was dramatic! They realized that the only way to score a point is to observe colleagues, to position depending on the game and other players, to involve everyone. And more importantly, they realized that if one of them had “technical” difficulties, it was their responsibility to help.


Frisbee68It is now almost three months we started this and frankly, it’s been fantastic! The kids really hung in there and are even insisting that we now play 3-4 times a week! It is not easy to keep pace!


Frisbee80Our next step: an “inter-city” match with teams from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. We will tell you soon!

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