May I lovingly decorate your face and recolor your hair?

North-India introduced me to a full-scale Holi celebration this year.
Did you know that when we affectionately apply colour on each-other, we are re-enacting a scene between Krishna, Radha and the gopikas?

Radha-KrishnaYoung Krishna was known to be notorious. Legend has it that he was very jealous of Radha’s light complexion since he himself was very dark. When he complained to his mother Yashoda about this injustice of nature, she asked him to go and colour Radha’s face in whichever colour he wanted. In a mischievous mood, Krishna listened to the advice and applied color on Radha’s face. And she ended up looking just like him! The other gopikas joined in the fun by using colour water jets called pichkaris and everyone had a good time! So much so that it evolved into a tradition.

This legend was wonderfully brought alive in Kachchh last morning.
“Why are they picking on me so much shru?”- asked my husband yesterday, catching his breath inbetween all the colour and mud attacks.

“To make you look like one of us, my dear!”

  1. Beautiful pictures as always!
    Is this digital?

  2. Wonderful. A great opportunity to let your hair down and laugh out loud!

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