Look at me! I am a TREE!

We are in the government school at Devpar on a special day. It is tree day today. All the children are sitting in the morning general assembly, singing songs, shouting out spellings, reciting multiplication tables but mostly giving us curious stares, smiles and giggles.

01mskBut today is special. And we decide to play a little game.
We call for 12 volunteers; and make 2 groups; 6 boys and 6 girls from across all the classes. Their task is to form a tree as a group using their bodies; all together. I am surprised that it doesn’t even take a minute to comprehend the task. They quickly start taking shape. Huddling all together, throwing their hands up in the hair and curling their fingers.
In 2 minutes, we have 2 magnificent trees!

The teams then have to face a slight breeze. They sway all together, slowly from left to right, while the rest of the school giggles. The breeze then becomes stronger and stronger; and finally it turns into a strong wind and the tree falls down! The entire children population is by now rolling with laughter.

Look at the photos;
This is what the girls came up with;

02mskAnd here are the boys!

03msk“But wait, what is that chottu (little boy) hanging in the middle for?
“Fruit!” came the reply, “He is a mango fruit!”

Afternoons like this bring to life a project that we have been working on for a while. Though games like these are just ice-breakers, it is amazing what they can bring about between children and a group of motley strangers like us.
Kachchh is a region rich in wildlife and lifestyles. In a quest to take this wealth of history, culture and diversity to children, we are we are working with children of rural as well as urban schools to make (story books, posters, boardgames and activities)!!
So much fun.

If you are working a similar programme, do write into us at madeinkachchh@gmail.com. We would love to hear about your experiences and share insights.
And watch this space for more exciting stuff from My Special Kachchh 🙂

  1. Beautiful smiling children! Namaste. . . Anne

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