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Bringing together the Block printers and dyers of Kachchh and Khamir, our exhibition ‘Kachchh Ji Chhaap’ is now open!

The exhibition is an attempt to tell the story of prints and print making as it unfolded from the time it was practiced on the banks of the Indus to its many facets today. Kachchh Ji Chhaap is an intricate tale of the craftsmen, bringing together narratives of their lives, their milestones and their challenges.

The Exhibition will be held at the Khamir Campus from 7th December 2013 to 28th February 2014.

For the last two and a half months, we have been following Bandhani artists everywhere in Kachchh. We have invaded their homes with our cameras and microphones, our smiles and awkwardness, our questions and curiosity. The search for Bandhani took us to several places ; Anjar, Badli, Bhuj, Mundra, Mandvi, Tera and Virani. So many voices, so many faces to this popular craft. And never before have I seen a greater hospitality. They fed us, sang for us, and shared with us, their side of the story.

Very soon, in the month of January, we will celebrate these stories in the form of an exhibition at the Khamir campus. There will be workshops to participate in, photographs to see, films to watch, people to meet, and lots and lots of secrets of a craft that is much celebrated not only in Kachchh but in the entire country.

Bandhani in Kachchh

And here is a little glimpse into our adventures, a trailer to a film made by two wonderful friends, Jilna and Sarah.

See you in Jan!

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