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maldhari proverbThis Maldhari Proverb probably summarizes the life of a nomadic pastoralist. A life of discipline guided by nature and their animals, a life driven by tradition and culture, a life that leaves behind such a tiny footprint on land. Here is the Biocultural Community Protocol of the Camel Pastoralists of Kachchh.

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The most beautiful people – the Unt Maldharis – Camel Pastoralists came together on Saturday to celebrate World Camel Day. More than two hundred of them from areas all over Kachchh had reached Bhuj to be a part of the occasion. The event was also an opportunity to release the Biocultural Community Protocol Book and discuss about its relevance to the life and future of the Camel Maldharis of Kachchh.

One of the woman said to me, “Your kaka (uncle) is unwell, he has a problem with his feet and cannot walk too much. So I have come alone. One of us had to be here. We cannot miss it!”

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